What is “Guitar Control” ?

When I was just starting out playing, I read an article
about Eric Clapton as an innovator.
It said he had the perfect blend of technique and control.
Reading that had a profound affect on me. Technique
seemed like a straightforward, mechanical thing. However,
control was another story. It seemed be a hard-to-acquire
quality that was rare among guitarists, and in practice,
was difficult. By the time I heard a note in my head, and
figure out where it was on the fretboard, the measure
had long passed. This seems to be the heart of the problem.
Even great players like Steve Vai have said
that really playing what you want is “so elusive”.
I spent the next couple decades trying to learn this
rare art of improvising exactly what I
wanted to hear.

The 3 Components

The three components of killer guitar control are:

1. Technique
2. Fretboard Knowledge
3. The Brain-to-Hand Connection.

Technique is the physical aspect of playing the
guitar – your ability to hit the notes quickly, accurately,
and in tempo. Fretboard knowledge is how well you
see the patterns on the neck, and how they can be used
musically. The Brain-to-Hand connection is your skill
of hitting the notes that you hear in your head.

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Wavatar sammy

hi claude,
since i have been getting your updates over the last couple of days. it has really been really educatoinal, and interesting for me. in fact i find that for myself i find that playing the guitar is actually very theruputic for me. since i suffer from a mental illness known as scizoeffective disorder,along with having suffered from adhd as a young child. which makes it make it really hard for me to remember songs to play the guitar unless i have the song chords and words in front of me or if the song only has two or three verses, or if the songs chords are repetitive then i have no problem remembering how to play the song from memory. that and another thing that i don’t completly uinderstand is music theory.
i am looking forward to be hearing from you soon

Wavatar Shaun

You are totally right about your concept of guitar control. I have improved so much just by subscribing to your updates. Thanks so much for making such awesome lessons!