Guitar Control Guitarists

Adrian Ingram

Adrian Ingram is widely recognized as the one of the foremost authorities on jazz guitar. He has written extensively on the history, players, styles and instruments of the genre.

As an educator he ran the prestigious jazz guitar course at Leeds College of Music for almost 15 years, during which time he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) for his outstanding contribution to music education.

He holds masters degrees in music education and music performance as well as classical guitar fellowships for London conservatories. Adrian Ingram is also an internationally acclaimed jazz guitarist who has recorded several CDs and frequently performs at major festivals. 

Claude Johnson

Claude Johnson is the CEO of Guitar Control. He started playing guitar in 1990 after being inspired by Jimi Hendrix. Other influences were Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Carlos Santana, Roy Buchanan and others. His first guitar course is "Killer Guitar Control Secrets". Killer Guitar Control Secrets teaches the improvisational essense of these traditional guitar masters. He has several other courses as well. The Ultimate Beginner Guitar Course uses Claude's easy "1-2-3" guitar learning method. He also teaches a Blues Guitar Course , a Lead Guitar Course, and a Gospel Guitar Course.

Derryl Gabel

Few guitarists will become "guitar freaks". However, if you have the burning desire to possess world-class chops that can truly make the jaw of any dude drop to the floor (including veteran guitar players), then read on... because I've found a guy who can get you there. His name is Derryl Gabel. Derryl is famous among pro guitarists. He's close friends with legends such as Greg Howe. He's played on the albums of guys like George Lynch. He's received raving testimonials from some of the greatest guitar players that have ever lived.

Gil Magno

Gil is the founder of the Magnoart Studio, the Boston Guitar Circle Inc, the Portuguese/Spanish Folk Song Society, and the Magnoart Guitar Symphonette. Mr. Magno is a published poet, author, songwriter, and recording artist. He's also a member of American Society of Composers and Publishers and the Miami Music Teachers Association.

Gil is a master instructor. His students are now performing all over the country and have positions teaching in recognized schools.

Jimmy Dillon

He's shared the stage with legends like: Sting, Santana, B.B. King, Johnny Lee Hooker and more... He's recorded multiple CDs. He's toured the world and built a name for himself among music insiders as the "go-to-guitarist from the west coast". He's also the founder of an amazing learning experience for kids and up-and-coming musicians at a special music camp called "Blues Stars".

Silvio Gasquez

First the obvious: the man is a Virtuoso. NO ONE argues this. Go read the HUNDREDS of raving comments on his Youtube videos. People think Silvio is "da bomb" because he is. Here's a video of one of his songs that shows off his magic: Argentinean Guitar Champion He was a finalist at the prestigious Guitar Idol competition in London... It's like the "American Idol" for guitarists. Thousands of guitarists applied and only 12 were chosen, Silvio was one of them.

Sol Philcox

18 year-old British guitar prodigy. Sol transcends styles as he combines jazz, blues, rock, and country into a hybrid fusion guitar style

Stefan Grossman

First of all, you can't beat Stefan Grossman when it comes to guitar instructors. Even Clapton learned tons from him. He is an American acoustic fingerstyle guitarist and singer, music producer and educator, and co-founder of Kicking Mule records.He was beginning his career as a guitar teacher. With his friend Rory Block he produced and released one of the earliest (if not the very first) guitar instructional LPs, How To Play Blues Guitar and began the publication of a five volume series of instructional books with Oak Publications called the Oak Anthology of Blues Guitar. These drew on his studies with Rev. Davis and the other older blues artists and on his obsessive listening to old 78s. The Country Blues Guitar, Delta Blues, Texas Blues, Ragtime Blues Guitar and Rev. Gary Davis/Blues Guitar have remained in print through various editions. They were well received by other guitarists seeking to learn the various styles of acoustic blues.


Virtuwul is a dedicated song-writer guitarist that has been playing and writing music for over 2 decades. His music career started with the hard rock band, Dril. They recorded the CD, Myth-Conception in 2002. Virtuwul then fell in love with the acoustic guitar and has since been writing songs for his upcoming CD. He has also produced 2 instructional DVD series: Rock Riffs Made Simple and Acoustic Mastery.

Guitar Control Staff

Anup Paul

Anup Kumar Paul is a software engineer in Bangladesh. He has been doing his job about one and half year plus under a local well-known software firm. He is also doing outsource over the last 1 year. He is always a very curious who used to ask many questions about real world. He is always eager to learn anything new. His father is very proud of him because he used to busy with all imaginative ideas. He loves to draw things like plants, flowers, animals, and birds. His mathematical brain is quite good. He loves to stay internet all the time. It is his regular practice. Hacking is his ultimate hobby/interest. He loves to watch movie and listen music on his leisure time. He always likes to do programming in different programming area/languages. He knows almost 12 programming languages right now. At his job life he is developing lots of software simultaneously. Numbers of his already built systems which are currently running in live stage is 13(Thirteen). Anup is born in Bangladesh, Barisal, and December 06, 1986. He is the younger brother of Anjan Kumar Paul who is doing job as a senior software engineer of BRAC Bank in BD and the younger son of Amal Kumar Paul who did his career as a teacher. He is a graduate in computer science & engineering securing a good result of the Eastern University in BD.

Boyana Atanasova

Brenda Espinoza

Brenda M. Espinoza joins Guitar Control in January 2010 as a Senior Customer Service Rep; she brings over 9yrs experience in business & marketing. She enjoys working with customers, & helping solve there issues in anyway way possible. Brenda holds an Associate Arts Degree in Business. In her off time, she enjoys playing tennis, walking, running, traveling, and spending time with family.

Bruce Ewing

Bruce Ewing has worked with Guitar Control since February 2010. He likes long walks on the beach and reading to orphans on the weekend. Not really. He actually likes to play guitar and sing in his band Legs Against Arms and consumes internet marketing and personal development books like candy. Nearly self-actualized, Bruce wants you to know that you can do it too. Yes you.

Carl Noland

Carl loves to bike, recently acquired a taste for Mexican food, loves taking things apart to see how they work, dislikes cold weather and abruptness, likes sunshine, walking around Town Lake, Frisbee golf, playing basketball, Whole Foods, Rounders Pizzeria, yoga, building websites, writing, reading books that make him think, good friends and happy people! Carl has recently moved from Austin, TX, to Phoenix, AZ, and is looking forward to building community there.

Dominic Isaiah

It's just three of us - my son, Nathanael and wife. He is seven years old and loves drawing and playing music on keyboard and strumming on Guitar.
I love listening to Western Classical Music, Symphony Rock Orchestra, and gospel contemporary music.

My hobbies are repairing computers, and photography.

Darwin Santos

Darwin finds time to relax and have quality time with his wife and three kids. He finds joy reading his kids stories especially before bedtime, and also spends some weekends on swimming at the spring resort near their place. He considers his family as his inspiration in everything he do. And whenever he works, he always gives his best and also enjoys whatever jobs he has.

Dony Buaco

Dony Buaco, an only child of Beny Mirandilla, an Elementary school principal and Wilfredo Vista, a local radio commentator/announcer, was born on April 21, 1982 in a small town of Darage located in the Albay Province, Region V, Philippines. She is a best friend and a wife to her husband, Rudyrick B. Buaco and a mother and playmate to her 4 beautiful children, Eila, Euki, Euey and Eara. She is a work at home mom performing the duties of Operations Manager for Guitar Control. She is in charge of ensuring smooth day-to-day operations of the business from customer service, inventory, chargeback investigations to carrying out duties directly assigned by the owners of the business. Dony enjoys watching movies, singing and malling with the kids. Off work, she helps manage her husband's business which is creating and selling of handcrafted jewelry pieces.

Mae Castro

Mae has been working online for Guitar Control since 2008. She started with a CS role before she was transferred as a PHP scripter assigned to split-testing, coding and graphics work for the various sites of Guitar Control. On her free time, she homeschools her four-year old son and works on minor projects handling social media accounts for clients. She loves Magic the Gathering, Seth Godin, Google Reader, the husband, Reddit, supermoist chocolate cakes, hardware stores, Breadtalk cheese bread.

Igor Mordashev

Igor likes to work hard and have an active rest on the weekends. He playes pingpong well. He like sushi.

Karen May Castrillo

There are three passions in Karen's life; family, people and customer service. She is one of the Customer Service Representatives of Guitar Control, Karen has always treated every customer's concerns as unique, and servicing the individual needs of each customer has always been top priority. Her main resposibitities are delivering world class email and phone support. Out from work, Karen enjoys and makes a daily effort to spend quality time with her partner Roland. She's also a pet lover in which she have more than 10 breeded dogs that she treat as her best friends.

Maria Packing

Maria is the latest addition to the GC Team. This 40 year old mom to 5 wonderful kids loves to cook, play volleyball, and sing during her spare time. She finds doing grocery shopping a stress reliever for her. Prior to working at home, Maria was a call center agent for 5 years and handled various accounts like financial, healthcare and telecommunications for US and Australia.

Michelle O' Reggio

Michele Hanson-O'Reggio helps online businesses take their business to the next level of growth with Online Business Management and Business Development services. Michele has a natural talent for identifying all the details needed to bring ideas to full implementation. In her spare time Michele enjoys yoga, baking and listening to music.

Monica Espinosa-Cura

Monica has been with Guitar Control for more than a year and she handles the order inquiry concerns. She's a mother to a 2-yr old boy and she loves to spend quality time with her family. She's a Gossip Girl addict and also loves to download movies in her spare time.

Nhella A

Nela loves to have close relationship to God. That is why she always make it sure to spend weekend in the church. She loves to sing praises song and hymns and her family is always offering thanksgiving to God. Nela serves in the church as a choir member and she really enjoys doing it. She also sometimes go out with friends to eat in the mall but usually just stays home either with friends place or her place. Her family also owns a black dog named Pepper and two cute cats. She was also working as a Quality Assurance Specialist in a call center.

Paulo J Solana

Paulo Solana has been a customer support agent for more than five years. Aside from working online, Paulo also loves to read anime (japanese comics) like Naruto, Bleach and One Piece. Paulo destresses by playing Plants and Zombies since becoming a Dad he does not have time to work out in the gym anymore. Paulo practices FMA and Capoiera once a month and would like to make it a weekly session if he finds the time. On weedkends, Paulo loves to swim with his 1yr old son at the beach and have quality time with his family.

Samantha Tan

Sam is a bookworm and a frustrated singer. She is a mom of a cheeky 1-year old boy and a feisty 3-year old girl. Oh, and she is a movie buff and a super hero wannabe as well.

Shailin Saraiya