The 12 Days of Xmas

I hope you enjoy all these nice little videos
here, one for each day… Please refresh this
page daily and come back for more killer licks.

I’ll be doing 1 blues lick in each of the 12
keys, starting on E and working up to Eb.

Also, don’t forget to order the “$1 Xmas Guitar
Course. This year it also includes my brand
new book called “The 25 Things I Learned in
25 Years of Guitar Playing That I Wish I Knew
When I was First Getting Started.”.

And it also benefits the Salvation Army.

So its a win-win-win for everyone.

Also at the bottom of this blog post,
underneath all the videos and tabs,
you’ll find additional killer deals
that I’ll be releasing one day at a time.



















































DAY 10






DAY 11






DAY 12






Deal #1:


Deal #2:


Deal #3:


Deal #4:


Deal #5:


Deal #6:


Deal #7:


Deal #8:


Deal #9:


Deal #10:


Deal #11:


Deal #12:


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Wavatar wayne

geez claude you are punching well above your weight there. mrs claude is way too good for the likes of you.
merry xmas.

Wavatar John Comstock

25 Things…. Great reference, nice to have this advice to turn to, especially if you don’t have a personal teacher. Thanks, Claude.

Wavatar Kingsley Chong

Thanks for all the great lessons…You make a huge impact on the average player’s chops.
I appreciate the latest videos on blues licks. Certainly they can all be used for jamming.

Wavatar Rick Isreal

I’m not trying to make you angry or mad, but as a 55 year old Navy vet, I have to agree with him.

Wavatar Tim

Nice work putting together these lessons. By the way, it’s spelled Christmas, not Xmas.

Wavatar Gary madeley

Ha ha love this 12 days malarkey and the fact that purchases benefit the Sally Army. Fantastic stuff as always. Merry Christmas to you all xx

Wavatar JD

Your guitar sound is quite annoying

Wavatar Topaz

Hey Claude,

Some real gems totally ruined by that shitty distorted overdriven sound you seem to be in love with!!!

When are ya gonna realise that a clean sound showcases what do so much better?

Just my opinion…………………

Wavatar Jon Peck

Claude, we all are at different levels, but I find these mini lessons perfect. They are just challenging and interesting enough but within my reach with a little time and effort. Thank you! P.S. I have no problem with the distorted sound. We all have the option to play as clean or distorted as we want. I find these licks sound wicked through a wah!

Wavatar Harold Campbell

Damn Good job Claude!!! Love the sounds…keep it coming…MERRY CHRISTMAS and have a safe NEW YEAR.

Wavatar Laurence Hastings

The licks are hot but Mrs Claus is volcanic

Wavatar Peter chango

The free lessons are great but what you get for $1.00 is incredible. Thanks for getting me to the next level.

Wavatar John Foster

I bet Santa can’t wait to come down her chimney.

Wavatar Daniel Hyde

your book is epic, your girl is epic, and most of all your help is epic. Merry Christmas Claude.

Wavatar Al

As a long-time player AND teacher, I can appreciate the value of shorter lessons. It’s not about stupidity or paying attention. When fed a large amount of unknown or unfamiliar information, our minds are just not designed to retain properly. A week goes by and we return to our teacher having remembered a tenth (if we’re lucky). If we learn just a couple things, planted among a lot of information we already know, our retention level increases a thousand fold. Longer lessons are great as they keep adding a little pressure and show the bigger picture of playing, but this style of lesson is the meat and potatoes of real guitar learning. Thanks for what you do, Claude.

Wavatar Mark Wales uk

Thanks Claude for taking the time over the Xmas holidays to post these videos up more tools for the tool box
I don’t think all the distortion is coming from your guitar it’s either the mic that’s recording it or the levels are peaking

Wavatar corbin downing


Wavatar kevin smith

Claude, makes me want to jump down a chimney at a strangers house on Christmas eve and just start jammin until there all awake. Dressed as Santa of course.

Wavatar jim crawford


Wavatar Jody

I think your mini lessons are great, but the over spiced too much reverb setting on your amp drives me crazy.

Wavatar Iggy Mason

As a teen with ADHD learning to play, these videos were SUPER helpful, the short lessons mean that I could keep focused thanks Claude!


Wavatar Scott

Love the book Claude. Lottsa wisdom packed in those 60 pages. Giving it away for $1.00 and donating the proceeds typifies what I’ve learned about you over the years. I don’t know you, but you are obviously a giver in this world. Thanks for all the lessons, humor, and motivation you’ve given. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Wavatar Brent K Davis

In the past few years I’ve been subscribed, I’ve learned a lot from your lessons. Especially I like the fact that most of these licks are building blocks and not necessarily complete phrases. Changing key and position can open up a world of ideas off a little 5 minute video. Thanks man.

Wavatar Russell Tupeck

After having surgeries on both hands, due to diabetic nerve damage, from 48 yrs of type 1 diabetes, the book is helping to relearn a ton of stuff I had shoved into the back of my brain when I had to quit playing years ago.

The 12 licks you have posted are getting my fingers back in shape on a cheap used guitar I purchased. A new Spear would be like a piano man playing on a brand new Baby Grande …….would love to have one to get back up to speed.

Thanks Claude for all you do Sir ^5

Wavatar Nate Guitarist

Nickleback sucks

Wavatar James Graham

Wishing you and yours the best of wishes. Teaching me to fish, I can see the sun through the waters and rather eat an apple because fish can feel. Analysis of learning is what life is about, guitar a pursuit but living well the purpose. Charity through thought and actions makes you a Saint. Peace out, give a child a guitar and teach them how to play it, could save them and the world. You understand only too well. Good job.

Wavatar James Graham

I was gonna add, my cat is my biggest fan and prefers the Scorpions. How cool is that cat? Here is me on YouTube, humbling myself.

Wavatar James Graham

The book is a treasure. Keep this blog up please since I am a slow learner and want to learn these licks for the next year, one a month. I’ll show you next year what I have learned. Seriously, if you don’t donate a dollar for this think about what you’ve missed when you got just a cup of Joe teaching you what?

Wavatar Michael Brandon

Versatility is what it is all about for me as a player. What you do, Claude, is priceless. I have become far more well-rounded as a guitarist as a result of your videos. Not only that, but you have provided links to other players videos that have helped me a lot as well. The best thing i ever did as a player was to get on the emailing list for your lessons, and i plan on going a step further and buying the book. There is no end to what a guitarist can accomplish if they simply open their eyes a to a world full of rich and inspiring music, and expand their horizons to encompass and learn all it has to offer. And that is the lesson i take away from you as a teacher. Thank you for helping me continuously reach for new heights as a musician.

Wavatar John Simons

I’m collecting alot of foundation, for my muscianship.Your book of 51-to sixty pages seems to be all very usefull information, thankyou for being able to offer it so conveintlyin inexpensive, you must have so much more inside of your musicianship life ‘s journal . Iwish you good luck thats satisfying in your decisions.

Wavatar ryanhallett

Give me a guitar so I can learn from you master claude , in the form of yoda (great teacher you are, guitar you give .

Wavatar George Parker

On the second day of Christmas, Claude Johnson gave to me… 2 awesome guitars and a rad lick for me to learn on them! :>

Wavatar Randy Main

I’ve enjoyed your quick lessons and tips for many moons now. I’ve become a better blues guitarist as a result, which is cool, ’cause at almost 63 years old, that is still my greatest aspiration before I die……to become a darn good blues guitarist. And your “25 Things” book…..brilliant and a re-re-re-read for sure. I’ve never won a thing in my life and would REALLY love to win a guitar from you Master Claude. I still got enough good years left in me to play the frets off of it. Ok……back to the “25 Things” for now. Merry Christmas!!

Wavatar Rev. Paul J Cain

Q: How does a lead guitarist change a light bulb?

A: He holds it and the world revolves around him. πŸ˜‰

Q: How long does it take to tune a 12-string guitar?

A: Nobody knows. πŸ™‚

Wavatar Scott Fuller

Well, I’ve been trying (off and on) for over 40 years. I wish I had this insight from the beginning. However, with your help, I may be able to get 25 years worth of good work done in 3 years or less with this book. A blessing in disguise! I don’t have an electric, only a nice acoustic. Bless you, Santa Claude.

Wavatar Dennis

I enjoy it very much – a very useful tool- I certainly believe all the tips are great and easy to learn – it’s great that this cutting edge tool is available- keep up the excellent work – Have blessed New Year !

Wavatar Lou Soileau

Man, 25 chapters of experience and truth! You took me way back with Chapter 1! I mean, way back! My first real songs on the guitar were Miserlou, Baja, Sleep Walk, and Wipe Out – great single note and up and down alternating picking that was a real challenge for a beginner! Then, a bit later into the book you mention how you immersed yourself into the Beatles. Well, after Surfin’ Music came The Stones (blues all over their 1st album in the US), the Beatles, for sure (they taught me all my chords and the piano taught me the rest), then Eric Burton and the Animals – who didn’t play House of the Rising Sun? And your “anchor pinkie” advice! Wow! Mr. Kamahaiku, a jazz club player in Bakersfield in the mid-60s and my first guitar teacher, taught me to hold that pinkie on the pick guard and go to town! Geez, Claude, I could go on but readers might get bored or think I work for you! I love your chapters on creativity, composing, scales (still learning new positions on the neck for my scales!). thank you and Merry Christmas to you and your growing family! by the way, I have a set of your acoustic lights on my Takemine right now. Thanks! And, please don’t stop giving us new licks and good advice.

Wavatar Michael Franklin

“If today was Christmas Eve, if today was Christmas Eve
And tomorrow was Christmas Day
If today was Christmas Eve, and tomorrow was Christmas Day
Aw, wouldn’t” it be great if you gave 2 guitars to me!?

Wavatar Rev. Paul J Cain

Don’t worry, Claude. Xmas means Christmas. I learned Greek at the seminary to be a pastor.
X in Greek is “Ch” and “Ch” is an abbreviation for Christ, so Xmas = Christmas. Take it from a pastor. Xmas is not an attempt to take Christ out of Christmas. It shows our linguistic history. Greek was used to write the New Testament.

And, Martin Luther rocked the lute.

Wavatar Jymmi Briggs

My greatest desire is to learn to play the guitar. I play keyboards,and have followed your lessons. Your teaching style is incredible, and if only I could win a guitar, my Christmas would be Merry!!

Wavatar Rev. Paul J Cain

I loved your book’s last tip on modes. I use them daily with the Psalms.

“Spiritus gladius” is how Ephesians 6:17 speaks of the sword of the Spirit.

Wavatar Ross

God bless you for supporting the Salvation Army, giving is better than receiving! Felix Navidad

Wavatar Walt Warren

Best dam dollar I ever spent! I read the book from start to finish. Been stuck in a rut for years; basically have just about quit playing. This little thing called life getting in the way, but I have started back and it feels good. The book was in a way, a pep rally for me. The last ten pages or so was a ah-ha moment on some things (theory) that I had forgotten or stop caring about. The love has never left and I so love the guitar. I needed this book. I now know what my New Years resolution will be.

Wavatar Shannon Tait

Hey Claude,

I find your lessons really easy to follow and for such a beginner guitarist myself and trying to teach my 7 year old son, these are really fun and get us jamming together regularly. Thanks for the fun times and may they keep rollin on. Merry Xmas

Wavatar Scott Jinx

Nice to hear original blues solo ideas coupled with good musical phrasing and picking technique. Students should appreciate the variety of keys and the challenge of using these licks to improve their soloing longterm. Heard a bit of Shawn Lane’s burnt toast meets Buddy Guy’s sliced butter – Merry Gary Moore Christmas and Happy New Gear !

Wavatar Joe chamberlin

Hey Scott!!!! I am 54 year old man who has decided to learn how to play the bass guitar! You are making the learning part SO much fun!!! My wife really isn’t into me thinking that I am going to follow this all the way through and eventually play in a band but that is my goal!!! Thank-you for motivating me to achieve that goal!!! I just know I can do this now with your help!!! I bought a cheap used bass guitar from a local consignment shop. It’s not the best guitar but I won’t let that hold me back. I am learning so much from you and I will reach levels of expectation that I have set for myself!!! WE ARE GOING TO DO THIS TOGETHER!!! Thank-you my friend, mentor snd teacher!!!

Wavatar Joe chamberlin

Oh no please correct my last entry..l called you Scott instead of Claude. Please forgive me! I was so excited I posted it before I found that error. Great book my mentor!!!!

Wavatar J Christian

Hello Claude. Merry Christmas
I must tell you I get a very limited time to practice. Because I work a lot. But when I do get to pick up my guitar. I always turn you videos on. Your videos really helped me learn and play more efficiently and has improved my chops. I really appreciate the courses. I am no where near your skill but your lessons are a blessing to helping me add lead work to my originals. Love this new stuff going on. I have been following you for a little while now. And it just keeps getting better Thank you
I appreciate you lessons. Keep rocking

Wavatar Tim Mocarski

You wanna guitar lesson, you wanna guitar lesson website, you wanna guitar book, you wanna be a guitar god? I got your friggin’ guitar stuff right here with Claude. Everything great for guitar.


I am almost 70 yrs old and have been playing guitar since I was 10 yrs old. In high school I was in a band
and played through high school. I never really mastered it but thoroughly enjoyed playing. I have collected a number of different makes and models of electric, acoustic, basses, as well as 12 strings. I play each one of them but never have what i call mastered them. I do not read music(play by ear) but given a lot of time can
read a score if necessary. As with reading music I never memorized the fret board. I just recently retired and now have a lot of time on my hands. I found your Website about 2 months ago and have been religiously viewing your daily teachings. As you can probably ascertain I was brought up on 50, 60’s which is still my favorite. It is my hope to fulfill my bucket list by using what time I have left in learning more about the guitar and music theory. Thank you Claude and keep up the good work. I wish I had your site when I started playing,

Wavatar Gord

Claude’s book is a rock-steady, chronological development of how to approach the guitar; from picking, to the significance of quality, to the important aspects of theory. You may think that picking is too simple to spend any time on. It’s not. I put the guitar down 30 years ago to concentrate on raising a family. Starting back up again all these years later, and finding picking is no longer second nature, I know all too well its importance (remembering how I played before). On top of that, I can’t hold a pick anymore. I have lost the ability to feel light weights in my picking hand so I drop picks now. As a result, I hold my thumb and forefinger together as if there is a pick there and have to make do with a finger nail. No one knows the significance of having and using a pick properly better than someone who can no longer use one! Get that picking down.

Claude’s info on following advice is also really important right off the top. I learned to play a right-handed guitar, left-handed; in other words, upside down. Everything is backwards including finger placement. That can be a real problem with chords. So, I know what its like when something ‘feels weird’ and I know that I have to overcome it (and I generally do). So even if it feels weird, try it. Keep trying it and you may find that it suddenly ‘feels right.’

There is so much wisdom in this book. There isn’t a page that I read that didn’t crackle with meaningful truth. I especially appreciate the confession of arrogance as a youth that Claude made. Been there too. “I need this. I don’t need that.” Whether we think we need it or not, if the man says “learn this, it will be good to know,” then I learn it. Wax on, wax off baby.

Wavatar Dan Scharf

Hey Claude,
Like your years of experience instructional guide…………..should be made available with all the DVD courses you offer as a starting point and reminder as relates to some basic application ideas to learning and playing guitar!! I like all that you do making your base of interested customers better guitar players. All the best…….Dan Scharf

Wavatar Keith Kintner

Hi, Claude! I am retiring on December 31, and looking forward to finally really learning to play the guitar! I just ordered your new book, “25 Things…” — I already have joined the Guitar God club, and ordered some of your lessons. They are tops! I am a lefty, but recently discovered that to be an advantage to learning to play guitar! I have one New Year’s resolution I intend to keep — to practice daily, using the lessons, learning from you and your new book, and being able to play music with my guitar and my kids and grandkids! Your book should be a best-seller, and in EVERY guitarist’s collection! All the best for an awesome New Year, and thanks for all the lessons, tips and encouragement!

Wavatar Bill Everett

Why only 9?


Wavatar admin

We are posting 1 lesson per day…

Wavatar Theresa Esquega

keep on rockin’ them ol’ axes πŸ˜€

Wavatar Fred George

for the vaerage player a bit dryer tone would be Nice but your blogs are incredible plz keep them comming. I have gotten lots of my novice inspired jammers to get on board. thanks again and have a wonderful 2016

Wavatar Lou Soileau

Claude, you generated a lot of feedback on this site. Well done. You have been most generous to us and we appreciate you. Wishing you a very Prosperous New Year, my friend. Happy picking!

Wavatar Robert

Nice licks, but your guitar tone sounds more like an electric violin.

Wavatar Gerald Brown

I just finished reading The 25 Thinks I’ve Learned… What a great reference book. Specific parts I found extra informative and useful. Page 13 which describes the difference between playing Lead or Rhythm. Page 19 warning about constantly bouncing around from one thing to another – I find I do this too much. This is reinforced on page 29 ‘by refusing to engage in inferior practice’ to reinforce better habits. With today’s emphasis on multitasking, the advice on attention span and distractions is a good point to remember. Jotting things down to avoid getting side tracked to remember them later is a great recommendation. Thanks for this Claude

Wavatar Marcus

Great Tips! I’ve been playing music for 53 years and your book says the things others haven’t or will not say! I think I can now get myself out of the “RUT” I’ve been in for so long. I didn’t realize how or why I couldn’t progress. Now I understand better! Many of the mistakes you made in your 25 years, I also have experienced. Your book has made me look back at the many mistakes I made in my musical career (which are many), and try to repair some of the damages. Great Advice and Understanding! I’ve wasted a lot of years needlessly…but think I am on the right track now. Thank You

Wavatar Brian Becker

The best thing about this book is that after you apply yourself to everything in it, you can actually call yourself a guitar player and stop telling people your still learning!

Wavatar JIM

Wow, great E-Book Claude. My Passion for the guitar started when I was 15. through the years my passion waned ( Marriage, kids,work) you get the picture. until i found your site 4 yrs ago. I only had an acoustic and an old Harmony electric that my friend had given me. You inspired me to pick up the Guitar again. and after purchasing many lessons from you Jimmy and John and some new guitars (I have seven now) I am back playing again. Thank you and all the people at Guitar control for putting me back on the right track. Happy New Year to all and again thanks for the Inspiration.

Wavatar James Graham

So are is the winners?
Happy in the new year.

Wavatar James Graham

That’s who won? Smart phones are dumb.

Wavatar Mark

Claude, Your book has really opened my musical eyes to a lot of my own mistakes and how to correct them, how awesome. Great insight.My wife has been diagnosed with liver cancer and with all we have been through, like your book there are lessons we all can learn from and with the knowledge we have now and your sharing of some pitfalls you have gone through hopefully we can correct the things we can so we don’t have to take the long way through our musical journey. Music has been a great place were my wife and myself can come together in these trying times. It has brought great peace and at times comfort when times are tough. Music is the rhythm in all of us and your book is a note on the scale of one of life’s heartfelt songs.
Thank you for sharing it has been a blessing.

Wavatar William Daniel

Everyone must follow his own path but only a fool ignores the words of someone who has been down the road that he wishes to travel.

Wavatar Ginger

On your next videos, please DON’T wear a dark shirt, a black guitar w/ black net, & then have the LIGHTING BEHIND YOU!!! It’s impossible to see what your hands & fingers are doing!!!