Winners of the
Guitar Control
Guitar Solo Contest

#1: AndreNieri

Very mature playing, great tone and technique. His improv fits very well to the backing track. Most importantly, truckloads of feel and passion put this entry into first place. Congrats!

#2: Fretdance

What can we say about this guy? Great player -- he has it all: technique, note choice, timing, and feel, not to mention amazing tone. Although, it would have been cool to hear him solo for longer.

#3: Forgosciga

One of our favorite entries. Great playing that really fits the track. Great approach and chicken pickin and blues chops that really flow.

#4: jirkanov777

This one could have easily been in one of the top 3 spots. Agonizing choices when there's so many hot entries. Obviously this guy has monster chops, incredibly smooth playing and great note choices.

#5: vavrzyn

Probably the most original/creative entry. Excellent phrasing, dynamics, and expression. Great player.

#6: ANTHIMOSmanti

This hot entry is a bit over the top, but the virtuoso shred chops are undeniable. Excellent "attack", attitude, and tone too.

#7: yistefyi

Very nice entry with great tone, interesting licks, and superb technique and phrasing.

#8: molina21000

A very original entry with a sweet blend of exotic sounds and techniques. Nice job!

#9: jamesbuckley33

Really solid playing, and great sense of rhythm. Serious chops but he never overplays. Love that wammy bar dive at the end too. Well done.

#10: LukiAmaryllis

This is another great entry, using a fusion style with great licks and hybrid technique. Impressive!

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