cool guitar licks

A guitar lick is a musical phrase which can stand alone or acts as one element of a solo. Some guitarists are recognized by the licks they play. Chuck Berry and his double stop bends come to mind. IN fact, one of my favorite licks can be found in the opening phrase to “Johnny B…. Click to continue »

learning guitar tips

Welcome back! Learning guitar tips right? We are all looking for them at some point. When I was starting out, I had now idea how to play a chord. Most of the time I would just play random chords that made no sense at all haha; but boy, I was having fun. Today I wanna… Click to continue »

guitar practice app

Welcome back! Today I wanna give you an idea of what is out there as far as guitar practice app goes. Guitar practice app are the thing nowadays, especially for virtual amps. They are very cheap and you don’t have to carry them everywhere you go. Real amps are great but there is a problem;… Click to continue »

guitar practice amps

Welcome back! Today I wanna give you a little insight to guitar practice amps. So you’ve been playing for a while and you are getting tired of the virtual amps, not because they suck (they are actually really good), but because you wanna play a real amp and see how it feels like. The only… Click to continue »

guitar solo practice

Welcome back! Today I wanna show a great guitar solo practice routine. When you are trying to practice your guitar solo technique there are many things you have to include and of them is picking. Picking is often one of the hardest parts to master as a guitar player. Sometimes we can move our left… Click to continue »

classical guitar practice routine

Welcome back! Today I wanna share with you a great classical guitar practice routine. Classical guitar is definitely a challenging instrument, mainly because if you wanna get a great sound out of it, you have to play the strings using your fingers and not a pick. Sometimes classical guitar players will grow their thumb nail… Click to continue »

jazz guitar practice routine

Welcome back! Today I talk about how to build a jazz guitar practice routine that actually works and helps you improve your knowledge and playing. One of the things I would do when I was just starting to get into jazz was to work on my chord knowledge; jazz chords can be very tricky to… Click to continue »