Printable Guitar Scales

There are going to be times in life when you need hard copies of stuff. Though there is far less paperwork involved in our day-to-day routines, guitar players will eventually find them selves in a position where they will need printable guitar scales, chord charts, and maybe even song lyrics. Having learned to play guitar… Click to continue »

free guitar scales

Welcome back! Today I wanna it is giveaway day! I wanna give you some free guitar scales. One of the most funky and tasty guitar scales out there is the Dorian scale. Play it with a funk groove or over a blues track, play it over a jazz tune, whatever you want, and it will… Click to continue »

guitar scale lessons

Welcome back! I wanna give you one of the most killer pentatonic guitar scale lessons of the week. What I love about banjo players is the way they approach scales. It seems like they are always using some kind of cool pattern that gives it this unique sound; and if they play it at a… Click to continue »

melodic guitar scales

Welcome back! Today I wanna show the different melodic guitar scales that you can come up from just a single A Melodic Minor. When I say Melodic Minor, I refer to the Jazz Melodic Minor. In the classical music world, the melodic minor scale goes up and down in a different way. But the melodic… Click to continue »

justin guitar scales

Welcome back! Today I wanna show you some awesome guitar scales. I had a friend of mine called justin who would always play this awesome intriguing type of pentatonic scale in such a particular way that I just had to name them justin guitar scales. Since his picking technique wasn’t so good, he would use… Click to continue »

egyptian guitar scales

Welcome back! Today I wanna show you a few egyptian guitar scales. The egyptian guitar scale is composed of 7 notes. The structure goes like this: It’s a great scale that you can play with progressive music, middle eastern music and more. You can even incorporate this scale in Pop music, I mean we’ve seen… Click to continue »

types of guitar scales

Welcome back! It’s about time we dive into the different types of guitar scales. The pentatonic scale (or minor pentatonic scale) is probably the most used scale among guitar players; It’s just really easy to play and to remember. Besides, there are so many great guitar solos and styles based on just the pentatonic scale…. Click to continue »

important guitar scales

Welcome Back! In this article I wanna show you one of the most important guitar scales I have leaners and that you should learn. No, I am not talking about the pentatonic scale, we all love it and come up with great licks with it, but this time it’s a different one. I wanna show… Click to continue »

Bluegrass Guitar Scales

Bluegrass is a sub genre of country music and considered to be an important part of the musical roots of America. Bluegrass may have its roots in country, but the blues and folk play an important role in bluegrass too. Bluegrass guitar scales are primarily the same scales as you’d find in other types of… Click to continue »

Bass Guitar Scales Tabs

If you’re one of the lucky musicians to pick up a bass guitar, then you’re in for one hell of a ride. Every band needs a bass player, and if you can keep a steady and slick rhythm going, you’re going to be in high demand. The bass guitar isn’t as well-known as a regular… Click to continue »