Lead Guitar Lesson: Modern lead guitar lick in E minor with arpeggios and string skipping

Hey guys! Check out the latest guitar lesson from Jon MacLennan… watch the video and please like us and comment on youtube. Also do me a favor and subscribe to our Youtube channel!!! Hey, how’s it going? This is John McClennan here with Guitar Control. I’m bringing you today a modern-sounding rock guitar lick. E… Click to continue »

Lead Guitar Lesson: Modern rock lick in the style of Eric Johnson

Hey guys, check out the latest guitar lesson from Jon MacLennan… It´s a cool lick in the style of Eric Johnson! watch the video and please like us and comment on youtube. Ando also don´t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel!!! Hey, how’s it going? My name is John McClennan [phonetic]. I’m here today… Click to continue »

Advanced Lick using E major 7 Arpeggio in the Style of Greg Howe

Here’s a nice little lesson from Silvio Gazquez… Here, he is using a standard E major 7 arpeggio but adding a few extra notes to make it more musical. Start slow and enjoy! CLICK HERE FOR VIRTUOSO GUITAR SECRETS admin
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Sweep Picking Arpeggio in C Major

Hey, check out this cool lick from Silvio Gazquez, hope you like it! admin
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Tapping Arpeggio with String Skipping

An Advanced lick from the maestro, Silvio Gazquez… (Click Tab to Enlarge) Click Here to Learn About Silvio’s Course: Virtuoso Guitar Secrets. admin
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Derryl Gabel shows some Lydian Triads

Now I’d like to cover what I refer to as lydian triads. The lydian triads come from the lydian mode, which is the fourth mode of the major scale. The C lydian mode would be like this. C, D, E, F sharp, G, A, B, C. So the difference between the C major or C… Click to continue »

Using “boxes” in your leads

I’m not talking about “box” patterns as in a whole fretboard position — i just mean a little 4 note box that you can repeat and combine in different ways. I’ll go deeper into this in the next lesson. For now, here’s something to get you started. Okay, so basically I’m playing an E pentatonic… Click to continue »

3 note per string pentatonic lick

Hope you enjoy this lick. One thing I forgot to mention in the video is that right after you the play the 3 notes on 1 string, you are going to be playing the next note on the string below it with your ring finger, and then flattening out your ring finger to go back… Click to continue »

Soloing with all 12 notes

Hey, guys. Claude Johnson here and I want to talk about spicing-up your basic pentatonic scale with all 12 notes. All right, so let’s go to the key of A, got our basic pentatonic sound. Now, if you’re not familiar with this basic scale, please check out my beginner course called “Killer Lead Guitar Made… Click to continue »

Melodic Soloing

Hey, guys. Claude Johnson here. I want to give you a little lesson on melodic soloing. The first thing is there’s a difference between the condensed scales, like this C pattern like this and the three-note for string patterns, like this. In my DVD, “Killer Guitar Control Secrets”, I go over the advantages of each… Click to continue »