4 notes per string + visualization – Derryl Gabel Lesson

If you’re into tapping or if you’ve got monster hands, you know, four notes per string. Like with the tapping thing, you can do five notes. But just look at the scale. You want to try to visualize the whole scale all over the neck. One way to start to tackle that is to do… Click to continue »

Pentatonic Lesson with Derryl Gabel

Derryl teaches us the “3-1-3” concept. I HIGHLY recommend Derryls DVDs… CLICK HERE TO CHECK THEM OUT !!! Derryl: First of all, I just want to say hey to everybody out there in guitar land. The 3-1-3 concept, how that came about was I first seen that in the Frank and Bali [phonetic] video. He… Click to continue »

Exotic Pentatonics

Hey, what’s up? It’s Claude Johnson here and I just came up with a really cool pentatonic idea that I want to share with you. Check it out. So I want to show you this new way of using pentatonic scales. Normally we kind of tend to go up and down the scale, like A… Click to continue »

2 string winding legato lick

Here’s a cool lick that you can try out… Sounds best when played pretty fast. Of interest is how we can get from one position to another by sliding around… Also notice how we start in a G mixolydian tonality (using the F natural) but end up using the F# (G major tonality) at the… Click to continue »

Hammer ons from NOWHERE!

Hey, how’s it going? I’m Claude Johnson and today I want to talk about hammer-ons from nowhere. This is a technique where you’re going to be hammering-on to a string, but the note that you played before it was on a different string. So if we have this real simple, descending lick, basically three notes… Click to continue »

Phrasing with Slides

Phrasing on the guitar can mean how you’re playing a lick rhythmically… But it can also refer to the subtleties that you add to the notes — hammerons, pullofs, bends, vibrato, harmonics..etc. Here’s a cool way to use slides when you’re playing lead. Check it out: admin
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Diatonic Legato Licks Part 2

Hey, its Claude Johnson and today’s guitar lesson is Diatonic Legato Licks Part 2. Okay now, with these legato licks keep in mind that even though you’re not picking, it might be harder on the left hand because you’ve really got to get those hammer-ons and pull-offs in there to make the notes sound correctly…. Click to continue »

Bluesy Bendy Licks

Please enjoy this lesson! Hey, it’s Claude Johnson here, back with another Lick of the Day Lesson for you. In the last lesson we did a Slash inspired lick that was almost in the shred zone and today we’re going to go back to the basics and do a bluesy, bendy kind of lick. Now,… Click to continue »

Slash Inspired Lick

Here’s a video lesson I just recorded for you. It’s a nice long video with lots of explanations so I wont give a lot of words here…Just watch the video and follow along with the tabs. Hey, how are you? It’s Claude Johnson here and I’d like to give you a guitar lesson today. I’m… Click to continue »

Rock Guitar Cliche

A video lesson I was inspired to do today… Enjoy.
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