Diatonic Legato Licks Part 2

Hey, its Claude Johnson and today’s guitar lesson is Diatonic Legato Licks Part 2. Okay now, with these legato licks keep in mind that even though you’re not picking, it might be harder on the left hand because you’ve really got to get those hammer-ons and pull-offs in there to make the notes sound correctly…. Click to continue »

Bluesy Bendy Licks

Please enjoy this lesson! Hey, it’s Claude Johnson here, back with another Lick of the Day Lesson for you. In the last lesson we did a Slash inspired lick that was almost in the shred zone and today we’re going to go back to the basics and do a bluesy, bendy kind of lick. Now,… Click to continue »

Slash Inspired Lick

Here’s a video lesson I just recorded for you. It’s a nice long video with lots of explanations so I wont give a lot of words here…Just watch the video and follow along with the tabs. Hey, how are you? It’s Claude Johnson here and I’d like to give you a guitar lesson today. I’m… Click to continue »

Rock Guitar Cliche

A video lesson I was inspired to do today… Enjoy.
... Click to continue »

Multi-String Picking Shred Lick

Want to play shred licks? Many players would agree that alternate picking chops are the foundation of “shredding”… And almost all the teachers, from me, to Silvio Gazquez, to Paul Gilbert, all advocate building up your picking chops on a single string, first. But where do you go from there? And how do you play… Click to continue »

Hey Hey… its another Lick of the Day

Here’s a nice little pentatonic lick in the key of B. Make sure to pay attention to the upstrokes, downstrokes and hammerons/pulloffs. Start on an upstroke with your pick. Check it out: [audio:https://www.claudejohnson.com/blog/audio/may2011-ex1.mp3] Hey hey, if you haven’t seen our catalog yet of fine courses and products, please check it out. CLICK HERE TO SEE… Click to continue »

Playing fast, with feeling

I’ve always wanted to play with a lot of feel, AND play fast too. I’m sure I’m not the only one 🙂 In my development as a guitarist, I’ve mostly focused on playing with feeling, and it’s only been recently that I started concentrating on developing some serious chops. Playing fast and sound good at… Click to continue »

Alternating eighth notes and rests

What notes you play are only half the story. The other story is the rhythms. One interesting and useful rhythm is to alternate eighth notes and eighth note rests. It can spice up even the most stupidly simple riff, such as descending down the pentatonic scale. Check it out! [audio:https://www.claudejohnson.com/blog/audio/lick-sep-27-2010.mp3] If you need help counting… Click to continue »

Rhythms for Melodies, Part I

There are 2 aspects to creating interesting lead lines and melodies. One is the actual notes… You can play around with various scales, seqeuences, arpeggios, intervals, motiffs, and patterns. The other, equally important aspect is the rhythms of the melodies. You can drastically alter a simple sequence of notes by changing around the rhythm of… Click to continue »