Playing fast, with feeling

I’ve always wanted to play with a lot of feel, AND play fast too. I’m sure I’m not the only one 🙂 In my development as a guitarist, I’ve mostly focused on playing with feeling, and it’s only been recently that I started concentrating on developing some serious chops. Playing fast and sound good at… Click to continue »

Alternating eighth notes and rests

What notes you play are only half the story. The other story is the rhythms. One interesting and useful rhythm is to alternate eighth notes and eighth note rests. It can spice up even the most stupidly simple riff, such as descending down the pentatonic scale. Check it out! [audio:] If you need help counting… Click to continue »

Rhythms for Melodies, Part I

There are 2 aspects to creating interesting lead lines and melodies. One is the actual notes… You can play around with various scales, seqeuences, arpeggios, intervals, motiffs, and patterns. The other, equally important aspect is the rhythms of the melodies. You can drastically alter a simple sequence of notes by changing around the rhythm of… Click to continue »

Beginner Blues Soloing Lesson

Here is a video lesson just for the beginners. If you’re more experienced or advanced, please surf around my blog for more advanced lessons, or check out my home page for more killer websites. CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT MY HOMEPAGE.
... Click to continue »

More Repeating Pentatonic Ideas

Ok, today I would like to share 3 repeating pentatonic licks. The first one is a 4 note pattern. I repeat it 3 times so you can see/hear what it sounds like repeating. This is cool because we are using the HAMMER-ON-FROM-NOWHERE technique. In other words, we do not pick ANY of the notes on… Click to continue »

24 note Repeating Pentatonic Legato Lick

Recently I sent an email about fast, repeating pentatonic licks and how to take advantage of some cool economy picking and legato techniques for maximum efficiency. Here is the lick I was talking about tabbed out, and also here is a second repeating pentatonic lick… In the tab here, I play each of these 2… Click to continue »

Another Fast Lick

Ok here’s another fast lick for you to try out. On this one, I want to emphasize the picking – there’s very little picking going on actually. It’s mostly hammer ons and pull offs, and especially hammering on “from nowhere” onto a new string.   Try to only pick using the picking symbols shown here…Its… Click to continue »

Fun with 32nd notes

Everyone wants to play some fast licks… If 16th notes aren’t fast enough for you, how about 32nd notes ? 🙂 It helps to have a way to use fast notes in really musical way though, instead of just mindless speed. Here’s an interesting lick I came up with that features a few 32nd notes…. Click to continue »

Multi-flavored lick

Hey friends… Claude J here again with another lick-ola for your jamming pleasure… By the way, if you’re enjoying the blog, you’ll REALLY dig my DVD courses like KILLER GUITAR CONTROL SECRETS – CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT!   Now onto the lick: This one combines a few different “flavors” – it starts off… Click to continue »