Gypsy Jazz Guitar Lessons

Gypsy jazz is a sub genre of jazz music with somewhat ambiguous roots, although its beginnings are frequently attributed to jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt and considered to have grown into existence in the 1930s. You’ll often see the music referred as jazz manouche, the French pronunciation, due in large part because the music has its… Click to continue »

Jazz Guitar Lesson: Rhythm Changes

Jazz guitar can seem intimidating to newcomers. It often uses complex chords and harmonic structures, and learning the intricacies of jazz theory can take a long time. Fortunately, there are some tricks you can use to fake being way more knowledgeable about Jazz than you actually are! One foolproof trick is to have a set… Click to continue »

jazz guitar chords

Jazz is a musical genre with its roots in the blues, however, jazz uses more complex scales, chords, progressions, and time signatures than basic blues. The best way to describe jazz is as a classy cousin to the blues. While the chords in jazz are more complex than those used in other musical forms, jazz… Click to continue »

Jazz Guitar Lesson

Why Scales are So Important for Your Solos? Anyone who has picked up an instrument before, no matter which one it was, has probably heard of scales. But do you know why that is? Do you know why everyone stresses the importance of scales, and learning and practicing them? Especially if you’re learning jazz guitar… Click to continue »

jazz guitar online

Back in the day if you wanted to learn to play jazz guitar you had to seek out a guitar instructor, which can have its own set of problems. Finding a qualified teacher that you could afford and could fit into your schedule was a time consuming process to say the least and there was… Click to continue »

jazz guitar songs

  Good day my guitar friends, Darrin Goodman here from with another cool little guitar lesson for you. This time I want to talk about jazz guitar songs. Jazz guitar is a style that seems to cause a lot of confusion and frustration for beginner and advanced guitarists alike. Dave Mustaine was quoted saying,… Click to continue »

Basic Jazz Guitar Lesson on Chords Part 2

Hey, guys. Claude Johnson here from and I want to go to part II of Beginner Jazz Guitar. We looked at the basic chords in the C scale in the last video: C major 7, D minor 7, E minor 7, F major 7, G7, A minor 7, A minor 7 flat 5 and… Click to continue »