guitar songs for beginners

It’s fun to play songs on the guitar when you’re first starting to learn. The good news is, there are plenty of guitar songs for beginners, so you can usually play something with just a few lessons (and simple guitar chords) under your belt. The earliest songs you might encounter are songs almost everybody is… Click to continue »

Easy Acoustic Guitar Songs

The acoustic guitar is one of the most popular instruments because of how versatile it can be, and can be played no matter what skill level you’re at. Experts can rock out with complicated riffs and tablature, while those who are more mellow can play some simple chords. This idea is echoed in modern music…. Click to continue »

easy beginner guitar songs

Playing guitar at a professional level can take years of intense practice and study, but you don’t need to be playing at a professional level to enjoy playing songs. There are easy beginner guitar songs in every genre you can start working on with just a few lessons. Playing songs is one of the best… Click to continue »

easy to learn guitar songs

Some of the most recognized and popular guitar songs throughout the history of music are also some of the easiest to learn. A lot of beginning guitar players are surprised to learn that a song doesn’t have to be difficult to play in order for it too sound good. Three people could compile a list… Click to continue »

easy popular guitar songs

Learning to play the guitar is fun and exciting, and most everybody who starts taking lessons wants to start playing songs right away. It can take years to play with the skill level you dream of playing at, but that doesn’t mean you can’t begin playing some of your favorite songs right out of the… Click to continue »

easy guitar songs for kids

Choosing easy guitar songs for kids can be challenging, especially if the child is still in the process of learning. Depending on how old the child is and whether or not they have learned the basic chords, there are quite a few easy songs available that kids will know and love. After you’ve ensured your… Click to continue »

cool guitar songs

The guitar has always been considered the ultimate rock instrument. Throughout the history of music there’ve been some cool guitar songs written that highlight the many facets of what makes the guitar such a beautiful, versatile instrument. It’s hard to pinpoint what makes a cool guitar song, but just about any guitar player knows it… Click to continue »

Guitar Songs to Learn

If you’re still new to guitar and looking for some great songs to learn or study, the following five songs are good to start with. They are songs any guitarist in the rock and metal genres should know, and you’ll constantly be hearing references to them. “Little Wing” by Jimi Hendrix Jimi Hendrix was a… Click to continue »

Fun Guitar Songs in the Alternative/Punk Genre

We all like fun guitar songs, because they’re fun to play! If you’re a fan of alternative or punk rock, and you like the classic vibe, check out the songs below from some of the most famous punk rock bands from recent decades. “Commando” by The Ramones The Ramones are known for fun, high-energy punk… Click to continue »

5 Easy One String Guitar Songs

These one string guitar songs are great for beginners or anyone who’s picking up the guitar for the first time. All you’ll need is a guitar and a little bit of determination! “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes “Seven Nation Army” has a cool groove with a memorable melody that anyone can memorize and… Click to continue »