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Anybody wanting to learn to play guitar should expect to put in some practice time. Unless you’re some kind of musical genius with a great ear, chances are you won’t just pick up a guitar and start playing songs right away. That doesn’t mean you need to spend years with a guitar teacher or studying… Click to continue »

easy christian guitar songs

The Internet is a fantastic resource for easy-to-play guitar songs. Guitar tab sites offer easy songs in every genre from rock to country. Easy Christian guitar songs are no exception. Easy arrangements of these songs can be found in chord/lyric arrangements, guitar tab arrangements, or even easier versions in standard piano/guitar arrangements. Popular Christian songs… Click to continue »

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One of the easiest way for a beginner to start playing songs on a guitar is by strumming chords and singing along. This method doesn’t take a lot of time to learn and you don’t need to be able to read music to do it. If you can read chord diagrams or know the basic… Click to continue »

guitar beginner songs

Hey everyone! CMC here. Wasssup? Ready for another mini -shot of musical Espresso for your rockin’ journey? Heck yeah, so let’s dive in, dig it and just do it: get ready for some Guitar Beginner Songs! So, you’ve just picked up your first guitar-maybe electric maybe acoustic. You know what you wanna do-you just want… Click to continue »

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Hey y’all. CMC here. Ready for today’s quick-shout out? Good! Today’s mini-lesson is all about good acoustic guitar songs. And heck, who doesn’t want to know all about that, right? It’s like, not all of us can ever be (or want to be) guitar gods or rock stars…right? But who among us wouldn’t at least… Click to continue »

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CMC here, peeps, with today’s brief tutorial on EASY GUITAR CHORD SONGS. Well, heck. Never really thought of myself as a tutor but I guess any source that moves you forward, even if it’s just a notch (or a stitch in time) is a tutor, so yes, let’s get on with this brief, Stitch in… Click to continue »

Beginner Guitar Songs

Almost any song can be played on guitar by a beginner who’s willing to put in just a little bit of time practicing. Some beginners may be capable of listening to any song and playing it by ear, but for those who can’t, there are plenty of easy arrangements of guitar songs you can use… Click to continue »

Easy songs to learn on the guitar

CMC here, folks. Greeting from Hollywood, California! If you’ve have read my other article EASY GUITAR SONGS FOR BEGINNERS, you know I talked about the songs I first remember learning. But I wanted to also see what else people are talking about on other forums. I was glad to see that House of the Rising… Click to continue »

Sad Guitar Songs

As Bernie Taupin once wrote and Elton John sang, the sad songs say so much, don’t they? There probably isn’t a guitar player on the planet that hasn’t at some point been in the mood to play a mournful ballad, or strum a tender melody of loss and regret. On the other hand, there’s Eric… Click to continue »

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There’s nothing like playing actual songs to keep you interested when you first start playing guitar. It’s hard for beginners to understand that a lot of effort goes into learning to play guitar well. So many beginning players pick up a guitar expecting to play something right away, and while this isn’t how it works,… Click to continue »