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Playing classical guitar well can take years of study, not only of playing techniques, but of music theory as well. Most classical guitarists are professionally trained, either by attending a school for the performing arts or by studying with advanced teachers. A lot of times it’s a combination of both of these. Some classical guitar… Click to continue »

classic guitar riffs

A guitar riff is a recognizable pattern of notes that typically forms the foundation of a song. The world of rock is made up of classic guitar riffs that have stood the test of time. Among them are such killer classics as “Smoke on the Water,” “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, and “Layla,” all of… Click to continue »

classical guitar lessons for beginners

Classical guitar playing is often considered more difficult to play than other types of music. A lot of beginning guitar players shy away from it for fear they aren’t capable of learning classical guitar or that they don’t have the discipline. Lots of rock players may be afraid it isn’t cool to play classical, when,… Click to continue »

Easy Classical Guitar Tabs

Hey guys! Gaby Soule here from, today we’re going to take a look at some easy classical guitar tabs, and some concepts that may result useful when it comes to find a fast way to learn them. Classical guitar is commonly associated to fingerpicking, nevertheless, we must keep in mind that standard picking can… Click to continue »

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Playing classical guitar can be challenging. It requires skills that include extreme finger dexterity, fluidity in arpeggio playing, and the ability to play well with strum and finger techniques. Most classical players also possess a more extensive knowledge of musical theory that guitar player sin other genres. There are numerous ways to learn classical guitar,… Click to continue »

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It’s understood among guitar players that playing classical songs is a great way to learn technique and improve playing skills. Whether it’s a classical song written specifically for guitar or a concerto arranged for guitar, playing classical music can help expand your knowledge of music and improve our ability to play more complex stuff. The… Click to continue »

3 Essential Classical Guitar Lessons

If you’re interested in picking up classical guitar, there are three essential lessons to learn that will only help you to succeed, and they’re lessons that nearly every classical guitarist has mastered. Fingerpicking Being able to play without a pick is essential for playing in the classical guitar style (you could however use a thumb… Click to continue »