Chord Bass Note Runs Rhythm Guitar

Hey, guys. It’s Claude and today I want to talk about transitioning between chords using single notes. Now, there are a lot of different ways we can do this. I’m going to talk about four different ways over these next couple of videos. This video, we’re just going to focus on one technique, which is… Click to continue »

How to Rock the Guitar with "I IV" riffs

Hope you enjoy this lesson…FYI, if you want something even SIMPLER, check out my other lesson on simple riffs… CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT. Also you can check out my beginner DVDs if you CLICK HERE. What’s up? It’s Claude Johnson. How’s it going? I’d like to give you a lesson today on the… Click to continue »

The James Brown Chord

This is one of the most common chords used in funk rhythm guitar. Technically, you could call it a “Dom9” chord with no root. This example is a D9 chord (no root). Let’s explore the theory a bit deeper… Did you know that the most important tones in a chord are the 3rd and the… Click to continue »

chordal movement

Hi folks! Let’s talk about chords. There’s really an unlimited number of possibilities in music, and we can go a lot of places with something as basic as a “I IV” change. For all you music theory newbies, “I IV” (one four) means the I chord and the IV chord of any key. For example,… Click to continue »

Beginner Strumming, Part 2

Continuing with our lesson in beginner strumming, I want to take you into the “swing feel” of rhythm. Check it out!
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Beginner Strumming, Part 1

The most important aspect of strumming is the rhythm. In this video I will go over a few basic strumming patterns. We are going off of a C => D=> E => E progression.
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My favorite way to play "G"

This is a fairly basic lesson in rhyhtm guitar. The main principle I wanted to teach you is that sometimes the coolest way to play a “G” chord when you’re riffing is just playing the open D,G, and B strings. That’s it – just those 3 strings played open. I mean you’re not even fretting… Click to continue »

Swing/Shuffle Rhythms

Today I want to show you a basic strumming pattern that you can use for blues. You can pretty much just use your ear and follow along but I also wanted to show you how this rhythm looks like, notated. In order to do this, I should probably teach you about swing rhythms and swing… Click to continue »