Beginner Strumming, Part 2

Continuing with our lesson in beginner strumming, I want to take you into the “swing feel” of rhythm. Check it out!
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Beginner Strumming, Part 1

The most important aspect of strumming is the rhythm. In this video I will go over a few basic strumming patterns. We are going off of a C => D=> E => E progression.
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My favorite way to play "G"

This is a fairly basic lesson in rhyhtm guitar. The main principle I wanted to teach you is that sometimes the coolest way to play a “G” chord when you’re riffing is just playing the open D,G, and B strings. That’s it – just those 3 strings played open. I mean you’re not even fretting… Click to continue »

Swing/Shuffle Rhythms

Today I want to show you a basic strumming pattern that you can use for blues. You can pretty much just use your ear and follow along but I also wanted to show you how this rhythm looks like, notated. In order to do this, I should probably teach you about swing rhythms and swing… Click to continue »

Percussive Taps in Your Rhythm Playing

Hi folks… Ok here’s a cool technique, just hitting the strings with your fingers/knuckles to get a percussive sound that can make your rhythm playing swing. I’ll show you this technique on a cool blues progression from a classic blues song called Reconsider baby, written by Lowell Fulson and covered by all the blues greats… Click to continue »