Howlin Wolf Killing Floor Lesson – How to Play Killing Floor by Howlin Wolf

Howlin Wolf Killing Floor Lesson

How to Play Killing Floor by Howlin Wolf   In this Howlin Wolf Killing Floor Lesson, instructor John Maclennan is going to show you how to play all of the main parts of this classic blues song. It’s got Hubert Sumlin on guitar and it’s a really awesome guitar part. John is going break this… Click to continue »

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The blues is a foundational part of musical genres ranging from country to rock, with everything in between laying claim to the form as well. In fact, the terms blues rock and country blues are often used as labels to describe rock and country performers whose musical output really put a focus on the form…. Click to continue »

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The blues as a musical genre are everywhere. Even when you don’t realize you’re hearing something that has been influenced by the blues, you can bet the influence is there. Chuck Berry, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Toby Keith, Poison, Bon Jovi, and Cinderella are just a few of the bands that have been influenced… Click to continue »

Learn How to Play Layla by Eric Clapton – Lead Guitar Lesson – Part 1

CLICK HERE to see part 2 of the lesson! Want to Learn 225 Smash Hit Songs with Chord Charts and Tabs? Click Here. admin
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Welcome back! Today I wanna show some great guitar licks blues. I think blues calls out for at least 3 important guitar techniques, and one of those is Slide. Slide is such a blues thing to do; blues player will often even buy a tube type of slide to get a specific type of sound…. Click to continue »

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Welcome back! Today I wanna give you what for me was one of the most challenging and awesome blues bass lessons. As guitar players we love bass lines. We incorporate them into our riffs, we come up with licks that include the bass player following us doing the exact same thing, and more. Wouldn’t it… Click to continue »

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Welcome back! Today I wanna give you one of the best blues guitar lessons you’ll get in a long time. Get ready. When I think about Blues, the first thing that pops into my mind is the Pentatonic Minor Scale. It is the most easy scale to play; any beginner can learn this scale in… Click to continue »

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Welcome back! Today I wanna share with you some really cool guitar tabs blues. The tab I wanna show you is a different way of playing blues. We are gonna use a the normal 12-bar blues progression but we are gonna spice it up a little bit; instead of using chords I’m gonna go with… Click to continue »

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Welcome back! today I wanna give you one of the coolest blues acoustic guitar lessons you’ll have in a while. There is one chord that just makes any blues progression sound like a legit blues tune. There are many chords that fit in the blues genre, but none of them like the one I will… Click to continue »

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Welcome back! In this article I wanna share with you 3 blues tab guitar. If I had to choose a scale to improvise over a Blues track, that would clearly be the Blues scale. The blues is no more than a pentatonic scale with an added passing tone between the 5th and the 4th of… Click to continue »