How to Play Dear Prudence On Guitar [Beginner Friendly Video]

How to Play Dear Prudence On Guitar

How to Play Dear Prudence On Guitar   In this Guitar Control lesson, Instructor, John Maclennan is going to show you how to play Dear Prudence on guitar by the Beatles. This is a great song to kick start your fingerpicking. In this video John is going to focus on the intro only and really… Click to continue »

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Guitar licks are the building blocks of solos. They can also be used as fills throughout a song. There are a myriad of common guitar licks and variations on those licks created by guitar players throughout history. Many guitarists can readily be identified by the types of licks they tend to use, almost like a… Click to continue »

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Learning to play guitar well can be a challenge. A lot of people start out wanting to learn and quickly realize that it takes a little more time and determination than they original thought. Some people are lucky enough to be able to afford a personal teacher who can structure a lesson plan that introduces… Click to continue »

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I was lucky when I first started playing bass and guitar, and I’ve been lucky quite a few times since. My first instrument was a Fender Jazz bass, courtesy of my mother. My second instrument was a Rickenbacker bass. I’ve owned a Gibson SG bass, a Les Paul, a couple of Fenders, and a variety… Click to continue »