It’s CMC here-and you’re here ‘cause you want to get one of those bizarre wooden things shaped like a woman’s body and you want to make it sing, huh? Well, maybe not “sing” per se but you want to make some nice sounding noises to come out of her, well, it. Well, you’ve come to… Click to continue »

Led Zeppelin Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Hey, guys. Claude Johnson here and I want to show you the intro into “Over the Hills and Far Away”. It’s basically G and D. We do this little lick before the G chord, open G string to 2nd fret, hammer-on and pull-off and then 4th fret of the D string, pull open. You do… Click to continue »

Another ferocious 2 chord jam

Hey folks …welcome to another video from Jimmy Dillon. This is from the upcoming MODERN ACOUSTIC GUITAR course – 3 DVDs with tabs, coming out on April 24th… Before we go any further I want to explain a little bit of what I’m doing here. We’re talking about modern acoustic guitar. I’ve got Duane holding… Click to continue »

The Darker Side of Reggae Rhythms

Hey guys, In today’s video you’ll learn the “darker side” – the minor key of Reggae. To me its just as beautiful as the major sound. Just get ready to learn a killer simple chord progression and strumming pattern plus some other hot tips. You can get the complete DVDs with tabs on April 24th…. Click to continue »

Eclectic Electric DVD

Hey all, Im checking in to say this has been our best launch to date. Thanks very much for your interest and enthusiasm for my Eclectic Electric DVD series! I must say this was a total blast to make and I learned a lot doing it. I also enjoyed creating a “tree”outlining the history of… Click to continue »

4 Shows South of the Border…..and a brush with The Stones

I just returned from a week long sojourn in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. I was booked to perform 4 shows following their annual jazz festival, which I played 2 years ago with Marcia Ball and Oscar Castro-Neves (guitarist on “Girl From Ipanema and Black Orpheus!). San Miguel is a really cool artist/music town in… Click to continue »

New Jimmy Dillon DVD "Eclectic Electric" coming soon!

Greetings to all you electric guitar slingers…I wanted to tell you about a new product that Im really excited about with called “Eclectic Electric”. This DVD set explores in depth all the beauty and power of electric guitar….In my many years of touring, recording and teaching Im always struck by the excitement and fascination… Click to continue »

My gig with Sting for a very good cause.

I wanted to share an inspiring musical experience I had a while back with you all. I got a call from producer/drummer Narada Michael Walden (currently on tour w/ Jeff Beck) to do a benefit show in my home town of San Francisco for Christopher Rodriguez, a music student who was tragically wounded in a… Click to continue »

Rockin’ with The Big Man

I am thrilled to report that tonight and tomorrow night I will be performing with Clarence “The Big Man” Clemons from Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band. I was Clarence’s guitarist and musical director for many years and really enjoy playing with The Temple of Soul West, his band here on the west coast. We have… Click to continue »