acoustic blues tabs

Nothing sounds as good as the blues, especially when they’re played on an acoustic guitar. While most of the early blues players never wrote anything down or couldn’t read a note of music to save their lives, over the years their work has been dissected, analyzed, and transcribed, and arranged numerous times throughout the decades…. Click to continue »

acoustic blues guitar tabs

Welcome back! Today I’m gonna share with you 3 very useful acoustic blues guitar tabs. Turnarounds are the the most fun part of a Blues; that’s the part where you get to show off. The guitar player usually lays down some really tasty licks, the bass player puts the best of his walking bass out… Click to continue »

acoustic guitar blues lessons

Welcome back! Today I wanna give you one of the best acoustic guitar blues lessons you’ll have in a while. I think plain chords sound cool but not original on acoustic guitar. Sure, it’s great for singer songwriters or for comping a soloist, but in a situation in which you wanna stand out and play… Click to continue »