acoustic blues guitar tabs

Welcome back! Today I’m gonna share with you 3 very useful acoustic blues guitar tabs.
Turnarounds are the the most fun part of a Blues; that’s the part where you get to show off. The
guitar player usually lays down some really tasty licks, the bass player puts the best of his
walking bass out there and drummer just throws the grooviest chops he/she knows.
Now, the next tab I’m about to show you is extremely useful in solo performances or in
situations where you have to comp for a soloist and there’s no bass. What we are going to do is
basically combine a really nice bass line with a few guitar chords, so let’s take a look at the
chords first:


This would basically be the last 4 measures of a 12bar
blues in A; Pretty simple stuff and very
straight forward. And this is the bass line I came up with for this example:


Now if we combine the chords and the bass line we end up with this:


It’s actually way simpler than it looks. One way to play this tab would be to always use your
thumb for the bass line and your righthand
index and middle finger for the chords.
Now as for the left hand (the fingering) you could honestly do anything you want. Some people
like the use the same finger they are using with the root of the chord, for example in the first
measure the root is the very first note, the 7. In the 2nd measure the root of D7 is also the very
first note, the 5. So whatever finger you choose for those first notes, you can just continue using
it through the measure.
One tip I’d give you is to think of the first beat of each measure as a “chord”. Even though the
first note of each measure is part of the bass line, it’s also part of the chord.
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