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Hey now! Glad you're here. My name is Claude Johnson and I started Guitar Control in 2004 to share what I had discovered (through a lot of trial and error) about improvising creatively and playing from the heart. It started from very humble beginnings…

Claude Johnson
Play Your Favorite Songs
Get step-by-step and accurate instructions to strum your favorite songs from the 60´s & 70´s.
Beginners: Get Good Fast
Discover how to play "smart" and cut hours off of your learning curve.
Short & Simple Lessons
The Guitar Control blog has hundreds of online guitar lessons waiting for you (they´re absolutely FREE).
Scales Demystified
Get our no B.S. method of playing killer lead guitar without learning ANY complicated theory.
Learn Blues Guitar
Love the blues? Then you´ll devour our blues courses that make it easy to play smooth blues guitar.
Acoustic Made Easy
Get the basics on mastering the acoustic, changing between chords and finding the motivation to play.