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The Brain-to-Hand Connection

Posted on July 1, 2011

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  • October 28, 2011


    hear my heart and why its a part of the distance that isnt really there for it to start.

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  • February 19, 2012

    tony Swift

    What I am after is a list of the chords that
    ascend(And descend) within the8 notes of the

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  • February 22, 2012


    I have a hard time believing in perfect pitch, I have a degree in music and a degree in electronics. to me if someone says they have perfect pitch when singing then they should be able to stop a strobe tuner,..why? Because a strobe tuner does have perfect pitch. Never have i ever seen anybody with such a claim stop one in a sound proof booth. so,..i dunno can’t tell it’s real from here. I can generate a tone for one of these people and they can get a pitch correct but to go the other way,..just haven’t seen it done yet. so practice at interval training will get you a positive result but to reproduce that “perfect note”,..naw…

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  • August 23, 2013


    First of all Claude, although I am not a beginner, I am certainly new to the electric guitar and to the rock genre which now has most definitely captured my attention. Your course has been most helpful, particularly your “Scale System”, which initially puzzled me but is now begnning to make perfect sense; the idea of shorter scales towards developing the technique necessary for riffs instead of scales all the way up the neck, which now makes little sense to me. I questioned your method because of my prior training which was according to the latter, but I’ve stuck with it and am advancing faster now than ever before, even if I decide to go all the way up the neck. You are doing some great work here. Thank you.
    One of the greatest things about this site is the backing tracks, and as soon as I “finish my homework”, i.e. the scales, I turn on the tracks and rock out. And it’s amazing what then transpires when I hit my next jam session. As I am primarily a singer, I find myself writing once again to your trscks, mostly blues so far. Now here is my question. Is there anyway to download those tracks to an Mp3 player, or rip them to media player so I can make a CD? The reason for this is that I use music to go to sleep; no, not chamber music or soothing nocturnes, but The Stones, Hendrix, Muddy Waters, those kinds of music. If I had your tracks to listen to repeatedly I could then a) figure out lead lines and b) write the lyrics or at least make up verse themes. (Yes, I DO eventually get to sleep)
    Also, my ear not being as good as it used to be after 67 years, I sometimes have trouble hearing the melody structure within the chords on the backing tracks. Is there any way I could get access to written chord symbols for the tracks? For instance, Blues 120, which I think is a minor 1,4,5, progression with somewhat of a jazzy feel, in Em, using Am7 and Bm7,but I’m not sure.
    Thanks for your attention and thank you for this site and all of your great work. I wish you the greatest success. Keep pickin’.

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