Dear Guitarist,

Have you ever written songs and you felt there was "something missing"?

Would you love to get paid to play your songs at cafes and bars?

Do you write lyrics sometimes... re-read them and you feel they're just "too corny"?

Have you written songs that you felt it were too simple? Or too complex? And you just couldn't find that sweet spot?

All you need is your guitar, pen & paper
and a good cup of coffee.

Do you feel you've got something "magical" to share with the world and you're not 100% sure how to get it out? And you know in your heart of hearts that if the world heard what you feel... your musical genius would finally get recognized?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions then Jimmy Dillon's Acoustic Cafe could absolutely, positively change your life.

Great acoustic songwriting has never been hotter. The charts are dominated by acoustic songwriters like: Brett Dennen, Jack Johnson, Bruno Mars, Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Ben Harper, and Dave Matthews.

Let's not forget legends like: James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Van Morrison, Neil Young, Jackson Browne, Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp, and Bob Dylan.

This Might Sound Crazy... But
You're Just 1 Youtube Video
Away From Global Fame.

You'll learn how to channel your
passion into beautiful songs.

However -- before that happens you need to learn the ART AND SCIENCE of distilling your thoughts, ideas and inspiration into a GOLDEN MASTERPIECES that capture the listeners' ears.

Most songwriters NEVER learn this "life-or-death" process.

They think they can just "wing it and let it flow". They end up creating songs that are 50% of their potential. NO ONE listens to a track and says: "Wow... imagine if this song was twice as good as it sounds."

It's up to you to package your magic into a tight, powerful, hook-driven track that gets people's feet tapping... hearts stirring and soul moving.

The Keys To Writing Powerful Songs Is Found
In These 6 "Can't Fail" Songwriting Formulas.

We've recorded, decoded and packaged the entire "Songwriter's Process" for you into 4 epic DVDs lead by the San Francisco guitar pro: Jimmy Dillon.

Inside this package, Jimmy reveals the 6 "can't fail songwriting formulas".

  • Formula #1: Used by all top 100 pop song masters.
  • Formula #2: The "Bob Dylan" special.
  • Formula #3: The chordal decoder process.
  • Formula #4: How to reinvent and re-use classics.
  • Formula #5: This one hits the cerebral fans hard.
  • Formula #6: Every jam master loves this one.

Now you might think of Jimmy as a "great guitar teacher". However he's actually better known as a well-respected songwriter.

Here's what I'm talking about... I've been to San Francisco a few times to film Jimmy Dillon's guitar products and here's what I've witnessed:

Thursday night: Jimmy plays at an Art Gallery opening held by Tom Franco (James Franco, the actor's brother) at the biggest art gallery in downtown SF. Loads of media... beautiful women... free food and a nice paycheck.

Friday night: Jimmy gets to play at Ben Stiller's private party. More food, friends and fun (and $$$).

Yes -- you can even write
hit songs in the forest.

Saturday night: Jimmy is the main act at Peter Coyote's (the actor from Law and Order's) birthday bash and get paid a serious chunk of change while hob-nobbing with the rich and famous (like Lars Ulrich from Metallica).

There's no better feeling than crafting
a great song that captures your emotions.

Sunday morning: Jimmy grabs his acoustic guitar and goes to plays some of his songs with some cool musicians and gets paid and has a free breakfast.

Sunday afternoon: Jimmy plays at a Celtic festival (dressed with epic threads) with a group of world-class musicians... has a blast and leaves with more moolah.

He's recorded and performed with blues icons John Lee Hooker and B.B. King, guitar legend Carlos Santana, Sting, Bonnie Raitt, Clarence Clemmons, Bob Weir, and many other stars.

He made a very good living performing his songs and selling his CDs in cafes all over Europe for a decade.

I'll Personally Bet My Left Pinky
That You'll Double (And Probably Triple)
The Quality Of Your Songwriting
After Just WATCHING These DVDs.

Here's what really freaking exciting... You don't need to practice these amazing concepts. You just sit back, pop the DVD in and BOOOOM! You're a better songwriter. YES -- It's THAT easy.

These songwriting breakthroughs are conceptual. As soon as you hear them, you'll instantly upgrade your thinking and transform into a better songwriter.

There's dozens of really sweet little guitar tricks that you can plug-and-play into your own songs.

Even better, there's some breakthrough paradigm shifting thoughts that will change your entire perspective.

You'll double the quality of your songs
by just relaxing and watching these DVDs.

Big Songwriting Secret #1:
Find The Sweet Spot.
Make Your Ideas Sound Unique,
But Not Too Complex.

Here's just a tiny taste of what you're gonna learn:

Want to take 3 chords and create something magical (yet not TOO simple)? Watch this.

  • Crack the toughest nut in songwriting: Creativity and inspiration... There's many ways to channel your everyday life into cool tunes that don't suck. 4:45
  • Wanna learn some cool new acoustic guitar tricks? Jimmy's hit song "As I Make My Way", is a goldmine of plug-and-play acoustic guitar licks. 9:21
  • How to set up your lifestyle to get your instinctive, creative mind juices flowing. Life becomes an never-ending joy ride filled with magical moments. 14:25
  • Stop thinking about scales and chords. How to get to that place where great songs just comes out and flows. 20:12
Sometimes you have to climb
a tree to find the hook.
  • Discover a powerful method that reveals your unique talents as a songwriter. It's a fun process that you can improve every day This is exciting. 24:34
  • The "acid-test" to know if you've got a good song. Don't worry it's got nothing to do with getting wasted. HA! 28:21
  • The simple (yet misunderstood) ingredients for creating a killer hook, and how to know when you've nailed it. 31:15

Big Songwriting Secret #2:
It's All About Creating
The Unforgettable HOOK
That Bounces In Their Brain All Day.

  • The no-brainer formula used by the greatest songs ever. It's finally decoded and given to you on a platinum platter (and sprinkled with gold dust). 33:45
  • All about hooks: The various kinds of hooks... plus how stack multiple hooks within the same tune. This is what ALL the hottest producers are using right now. 36:20
  • How to easily find "the heart of the hook" that makes the collective consciousness feel your power. 38:55
  • The secret of using "bridges" in songs. Why they are important? And how do you use them to take your song to new heights? 40:37
  • The secret of "framing", and the importance of the "before and after". All these ingredients are critical for a great song. 42:12
  • When a song should have a solo, and when you don't need it. 46:14
  • The key difference between playing live and recording. A lot of "live musicians" just can't translate their power into the studio. Jimmy solves this riddle. 49:43
Learn how to translate your songs
into epic live performances.

Become A Potent Wordsmith And
Write Lyrics That Go Great With Guitar.

  • A surprising secret about what great songwriters have in common that has nothing to do with music. 51:20
  • When to rhyme and when not to... You'll be surprised at the answer (I know I was). 55:14
  • Imagery, lyrics, rhythm, and rhyme... Blend the elements into a delicious smoothy of melodious juice. 57:32
  • How to lift your hook into the stratosphere with the right little tweak. 59:10
Hummmuna -- hummmana!

Here's some of the super cool stuff you're gonna learn in DISC 2:

  • How to find chords for a song if you only have a melody in your head. 05:49
  • Wild powerful experiments with cool chords. 13:07
  • Make your song "breath": The use of space in songwriting. 16:19

A Set Of Tools To Make Your
Songwriting 3 Times Easier.

  • How to turn an improvisation or open jam into a hit song. 19:57
  • The "interior melody" trick to bring out chordal magic. 23:05
  • The sonic inspiration trick that only 1% of guitarist know. 26:15
  • How to write on the piano, even if you SUCK! (its an easy way to create melodies). 28:45
  • The whispering guitar technique (and it's got nothing to do with dogs and horses). 32:25
Jimmy has toured the world and
refined his chops globally.
  • How to include tasty little licks to connect your chords -- it can really sweeten up your song. 36:15
  • Learn some modern strumming techniques and dynamics that infuses your track with new feel and vibes. 40:23

The Core Building Blocks
That Every Songs Needs...
It Will Double Your Music's Power
When You Have This In Place.

  • BIG SECRET ALERT: 99% of listeners judge a song by the last 30 seconds. Discover how to WIN the "endgame" and how to gamemap a winning composition. 44:21
  • How to invoke classic sounds from the likes of Jimmy Reed, J.J. Cale, and other tasteful acoustic influences. 48:45
  • OH SNAP... Here's a monster "secret" that every music producer in the world uses and does NOT want you to know: The re-imagination technique that "steals" and rebuilds your favorites, while you inject your own signature inspiration. 53:20
Jimmy's one of many celebrity's favorite guitarists:
he's played with: Dana Carvey (he gives lessons),
Robin Williams, Ben Stiller and Peter Coyote.

Man oh man -- Jimmy's just getting warmed up. Here's a taste of the magic inside DISC 3:

  • How to capture the essence of song during a spontaneous jam session. How to make quick changes "on the fly" and polish a diamond in the rough into a beautiful gem. 18:14
  • How to work with other musicians and when to lead the charge when writing with other people. 26:43

Big Songwriting Secret #3:
Create “Non-Corny” Lyrics
That Have The RIGHT SOUND.

  • How to write a song on the spot -- a great exercise to force yourself to writing any kind of song, anytime, anywhere. This is trick used by virtually all songwriting legends. 31:01
  • CORNY RHYME ALERT: How to pick the right tempo, key, tonality, dude... And marry it with the perfect chords to find the right mood. 40:15
  • The #1 golden piece of advice Jimmy gives to every aspiring guitar player. This alone is worth the price of the DVDs. 45:20

How much great songwriting lessons can 1 person take? I don't know but you're gonna find out after DISC 4.

Jimmy Dillon and Virtuwul (from Acoustic Mastery course) explore lyrics in all it's facets.

Let me start by saying that everything I thought about lyrics was DEAD WRONG. In fact, I've never been so wrong in my entire freaking life. Here's why...

The 6 formulas in these DVDs are pure gold.
  • Lyrically, sound is the most important thing. Almost every guitarist starts with "lyrical content". Instead try doing a "sound check" to find the kind of words you need. 08:54
  • A smart counter-intuitive strategy to double or even triple the quality of the lyrics you're writing. 12:06
  • The "powerful imagery" technique that really paints the perfect picture in the listener's mind. 18:34
  • The "back in time" trick that pulls you into the ancient past. You'll be teleported back to the land of gladiators and wizards. 24:12

How to Avoid the Biggest
Pitfall for Most Songwriters.

Let the inspiration flow.
  • Make sure you learn this trick unless your goal is to become the next Weird Al Yankovic. 29:36
  • Activate all 5 senses in the lyrics of the songs and take everyone into a musical adventure. 34:03
  • The "mystery" lyric technique that leads people's imagination on a wild journey (everyone loves that). 39:49

Plus more cool stuff like:

  • Hit them right in the gut with the "emotional activators". 44:28
  • How to find the perfect theme for your songs (and CDs). 47:39
  • The "everyday" vs "poetry" wording -- when to use which one. 50:15
  • How and why to syncopate your lyrics. 54:01

And there is seriously, a LOT more great stuff on these 4 discs. Like twice as many things. I just gave you the highlights because I know you don't have all day to listen to me blabber. I know you're eager and excited to dive in.

I've Yet To Meet The Guitar Enthusiast
Who Can Resist Watching
Jimmy's Powerful Guitar Lessons.

This is an incredible course. It's got the best of both worlds -- some cool guitar stuff that you can use as "plug and play" material (with tabs) to infuse into your fingers and give you new sounds instantly..., the deep, paradigm-shifting, mind-expanding concepts where all you have to do is just sit back, and soak up the lesson. You're piggybacking off of decades of gigs, experience, and wisdom.

That's why I'm so excited to send you a copy of Jimmy Dillon's Acoustic Cafe.

This Might Be The Easiest,
Funnest Course We've Ever Created.

This course is really unique and cool because you don't have to worry too much about improving your guitar technique.

It's all about songwriting... And that means coming up with some great melodies and putting notes and chords together in fresh new ways.

So, you don't have to struggle -- you can start having fun right away and really have a blast exploring your creativity and making music. This is what it's all about.

Your magic will finally be
captured into great songs.

I'm Going To Give You The

Watch the DVDs. If there's any you don't like, send em back, keep the ones you love, and you'll get a full refund, and i'll cover all the shipping too. That's right, if you're not satisfied for any reason (or even no reason), you can still keep the discs you like and get 100% of your money back... for an entire 365 days.

I'm doing this because I just know you're gonna love it.

This an amazing opportunity to invest in yourself and your musical education with some of the most unique and powerful acoustic guitar lessons ever captured on DVD.

Jimmy Dillon is a rare breed of guitar instructor, with a lifetime of knowledge, wisdom, and guitar secrets, and you would be hard pressed to find anything close to this, anywhere... And even if you could sit down with someone like Jimmy for lessons, look at how much it would cost:

Even by DVDs standards, these are easily worth $49 a pop...

But you won't pay $200.

You won't even pay $100.

We have several LOW PRICE PACAKGES available.

You're protected by the greatest
guarantee in the industry.

Just click to the next page, choose the package of your choice, and I'll rush your order right to your door, anywhere in the world.

Don't forget you're getting 4 jam-packed DVDs and tabs!

It's a no-brainer decision, so please click on the link below, fill out your information, and you'll soon be the proud owner of this Acoustic Cafe course that will reward you for a lifetime.

Keep strumming,

Claude Johnson

P.S. Order right now to take advantage of our low launch prices (and you can win a guitar)... These DVDs can change your life! If you're not thrilled, please ask for our no-hassle refund. Don't delay, click here to order right now!

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